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Welcome to LaConte's Clone Bar and Dispensary

Premium marijuana dispensaries and clone stores at one of the most desired locations in Denver Colorado for local members and recreational clients.

Medical Members

9 out of 10 members renew every year! Join the Lacontes family and check out our great member pricing, knowledgeable staff, and an incredible selection of Colorado’s best cannabis.

Recreational Clients

21 and older? We can walk you through the basics and educate you on what makes Lacontes stand above the rest. For our top shelf flower, to our wide selection of edibles, and vape cartridges. We’ve got the right products for you!

Pre-Order Now & Pick-Up Later!

Can’t make it into a store now and don’t want to miss out on a great drop? Don’t worry! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to set aside any product we have on our shelves so you can pick it up when it fits with your schedule.

Concentrates & Beyond

High potency concentrates from brands like Denver Dab Co, Harmony Extracts, 710 Labs, Quest Concentrates, Olio and more! We carry the best oils, waxes, shatter, live resin, crystals, sauce, vape pens, and distillate in Denver. Dabs away!

Laconte's Famous Clone Bar

All of our clones are LaContes backed with a 30-day guarantee and feature some of our most famous strains like Honey Banana, Chem Dank, and Ice Cream. Grow your own, the Laconte’s way.

Knowledge Is Power

Whether you’re a seasoned user or a first-time visitor, our budtenders have the patience and knowledge to answer any questions you might have about our products! So take your time browsing and feel free to ask away, you might be surprised what you can learn.

Do You Want To Grow Your Own?

Create your own grow from our hand selected clones and try out your bud before you begin. Not sure how to grow? We help thousands of people because they enjoy how easy it is.

Hours perfecting your grow
Guaranteed Clones handed to Members
Happy Clients
Medical Members that choose us over everyone else.

Our Amazing Work

Your plants will look amazing. Come join us at a free tour of our facility and learn why our members choose us to grow their plants for them year after year.

The most Energy efficient dispensary and clone store offers Everything.... Even treats for Little Buddy..

Only the best at one awesome dispensary.

Medical Members

Medical pricing, first choice and front of line service.


Enjoy your time while choosing from our huge selection and private grow.




You've found the best dispensary in Denver that has them.